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Sectional Marble Elastic Couch Cover

Sectional Marble Elastic Couch Cover

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Give your couch a facelift with this Sectional Marble Elastic Couch Cover. Stylish and functional, this elastic couch cover is made from a polyester blend and features a marble print that will bring life to your space. This is a simple way to change the look of your room and keep your furniture protected from spills and stains.

Style: Colourful
Material: Polyester
Fabric Style: Brushed
Applicable Sofa: Sectional Sofa
1 Seater: 90-140cm/35.43-55.12inch
2 Seater: 145-185cm/57.09-72.83inch
3 Seater: 190-230cm/74.80-90.55inch
4 Seater: 235-300cm/92.52-118.11inch