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Wireless Charging Smart Bedside Table

Wireless Charging Smart Bedside Table

$900.99 AUD $1,240.99 AUD

No function A
3-color light 50cm
No function B
3-color light 50cm 2
3-color light 40cm
Multifunction 50cm
Multifunction 40cm 2
Multifunction 40cm
Multifunction 50cm 3
Multifunction 50cm 2
Multifunction 40cm 3
3-color light 40cm 2
- +

This bedside table is the perfect solution for a nightstand that is both stylish and functional. The Wireless Charging Smart Bedside Table is made of wooden and manmade board materials for a sturdy and chic look. The wireless charging feature is great for keeping your devices charged and ready to use. The smart bedside table also has a built-in lamp for reading or working in bed.

Type: Bedroom Furniture
Installation Method: Self-contained
Number of Draws: 2
Material: manmade board
feature: Bedside cabinet
feature: nightstand


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